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Here We Are To Make Business Happen

baltic statesEurope is going through rough times of economic difficulties. The situation in many countries inside the European Union is very complicated. The alarming weakness of domestic demands makes the internationalization and success in the export of products and services to become a primary necessity for any business, especially small and medium sized.

Criado Business Services  & Baltic Commercial Oficce also show the illusion and vocation of its founders to promote and develop trade links and business opportunities between the Baltic States and Spain. The commendable work of the embassies, consulates and official commercial offices, it is now threatened by the government expense cuttings, creating increasing difficulties due to the lack of resources.

Our company adds to its main goal the wish of filling the space that this situation could leave in the export-import european business, through helping to establish a bidirectional comunication between Baltic and Spanish companies and entrepreneurs.

spain flag map colorConsulting, commercial introductions, promotions, finding the right distributors and agents, and introducing the sourcing between both markets, are the tools that Baltic Commercial Office & Criado Business Services aim to use for achieving these goals. For a long time now we have been building our networks in Spain and the Baltic States and now we really expect to offer them to our clients.

For our Spanish clients we offer the chance to discover a very singular market, not too big, but ideally situated between Western & Eastern Europe, an historical waygate for business and commerce. A market that due to its special composition should work perfect as a testing market in order to step into bigger markets having collected before an important amount of information about our products ratings and the consumers feedback. From the Baltic Countries the Spanish exporter will have a better chance to learn about its clients and consumers and use all the information for a better introduction into the Scandinavian and Russian markets.

For our Baltic clients we offer the opportunity to reach a big market (40+ million in population) and very heterogeneous too. Spain is also a perfect gateway for the North African and the Latin American markets. Before arriving to the Baltic States we have been working in many different areas in Spain where we have an extensive quality network that will help our clients to achieve a safe landing into the Spanish market.

Sourcing is the last add-on to our business. It consists in the search and selection of manufacturers, including product development and logisting management. We can find the right manufacturer for your company inside the area of our interest, Spain and the Baltic Countries. We will select the right partner for your business, we will help you to negotiate your contracts, to design your logistical strategy and to control the quality in the manufacturing and transporting process.

Please use our contact form in the website if you want more information about our services or about our clients that you can find in the Portfolio section.


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