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We are celebrating

Since 18th October 2014, and thanks to the efforts of our management team, together with Splat Trading SIA, SPLAT® toothpastes and oral care foams cab be adquired in the stores of El Corte Inglés group in Spain: HiperCOR, SuperCOR, SuperCOR Exprés & Supermercados El Corte Inglés.

SPLAT products are currently in all HiperCor stores and in a wide selection of Supermercados El Corte Inglés and SuperCOR.

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We are celebrating as this is the major entrance in an European market taken out by SPLAT since its beginning. SPLAT is going to be in 102 major supermarkets until 1st of March and from that date in all and every El Corte Inglés group's store what it will mean 334 points of sale in Spain (331) & Portugal (3).

Moreover, we also agreed with ECI's Cosmetic Department's managers to introduce SPLAT's  Oral Care Foam in 37 petrol station's shops managed by ECI group. From March the number of petrol stations in Spain where you will be able to buy Splat's Oral Care Foam will be 100. 


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